Maka Sihu

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Native American Enterprise

Tribal Sovereign Immunity

In Accordance with Ordinance 201 of the Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada (MBS) Allotments By Laws and Constitution which was approved in 1971 here by approve this agreement for the betterment of the tribal allotment members invested.

Maka Sihu, a Native American Enterprise is a Licensed and Registered Tribal Charter with Tribal Sovereign Immunity.

This Tribal Charter will function accordingly with the Federal Laws within Itself and Agencies.

This Tribal Charter is for the location of the owners HQ and operate within the United States of America and outside the US which the Tribal Allotment Members will practice in its Sovereignty.

Sovereign immunity is the doctrine that the sovereign or self government cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution. Tribal sovereign immunity is derived from the inherent sovereignty of Native American tribes.

Native American Tribes consider Sovereign Immunity to be crucial for the protection of tribal resources and the promotion of tribal economic and social interests.

A Sovereign State is one that is independent from all other authority, retaining the right and power to regulate its internal affairs without foreign interference.

Tribes and its businesses organized as an arm of the Tribal Government are not taxable entities for purposes of being subject to state or federal income tax. Many tribes conduct their commercial activities through federally-chartered corporations formed under Section 17 of the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA).

Tribal Charter is allowed to collect taxes. A tribal Charter can sell to registered Native Americans tax free regardless of being on Tribal Allotment.

This Tribal Charter is only valid for Tribal MBS Business which the Tribal MBS must own, lease or JV upon itself. Maka Sihu A Native American Enterprise are not a PL 280 or 638 Operation & Regulates itself.